Halcyon Zero Gravity system 30


Halcyon’s newest addition to the Halcyon Line of side mount BC’s is our most innovative design yet: The Zero Gravity. The Zero gravity features adjustable harness, fixed d rings, an optional weight pouch that will hold up to 15 pounds, and optional inflator placement on the right or left side.

Designed for open water use with wet suit and Aluminum 80’s the unit has also been used in conjunction with Dry suits and steel cylinders for cave exploration.

The streamlined design with unique u-shaped bladder provides an almost free and clean back that reduces your profile and drag.

The adjustable bungies makes it easy to use with different regulator configurations whether the regulator is pointed up or down.

There are 3 optional positions for the "door handle” placement.

Waist strap d-rings on right and left hip allow for al80’s to be clipped forward as they become buoyant.


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