Who is Halcyon?
"We at Halcyon dive systems have a passion for diving and a desire to share that passion with fellow divers. As fellow divers at Halcyon, we understand the entirety of what it means to be a diver. We use imput from our own diving experiences to design the most diverse equipment for any diving scenario. This includes technical, recreational and cave diving. Our desire is to create the highest quality dive gear for the passionate diver who views diving as their life. Anyone who has that kind of passion for diving deserves the best gear that will best be utilized for their individual diving experience."
Passionate Innovation
In Halcyon gear every detail is taken into consideration. New materials are constantly being evaluated in an effort to tweak as much performance as possible out of an existing design. Materials are  then sourced, and CAD drawings are created to be used as the manufacturing blueprint. Each design is looked over by engineers, machinists, fabric welders, seamstresses, and assemblers to create a prototype.
Each design is thoroughly tested in-house, and given to a team of test divers for the second round of evaluations. Halcyon's team of product testers include some of the most recognized names in exploration and dive instruction. Gear is sent around the world to get feedback on operation in every conceivable environment. Halcyon might be in Florida, but the gear makes it to you by a route that includes real-world testing in the Baltic and the Pacific, by way of New England, the Great Lakes, and the South China Sea.
Since design, testing, and production are all under one roof: Halcyon has the capability to identify and remedy any problem as quickly as possible. Halcyon is dedicated to doing the right thing, making sure every bit of gear that leaves the factory meets the highest standards found in the dive industry.
One  of the best features of Halcyon dive gear is the ability of you the diver to custom order  Color Wings. Click the link below to download and fill out a PDF file.